My Lures are reproductions of early 1900 to 1950 antique patented fish lures. This was the golden age for wood lures in the United States. James Heddon is credited with  patenting  the first wood fish lure in 1902 in Dowagiac Michigan. After the 1950's plastics dominated the market. So that fifty year period is the heyday of the wood fish lure.

  Each lure I create is hand crafted of basswood, turned on a mini wood lathe and painted with six to eight coats of an oil based enamel paint and sealed with clear finish. Component parts are high quality fish lure fittings and Eagle claw hooks.
  Each lure has a distinct name, history and a back story that's  noteworthy to a fisherman or lure collector. They make an ideal gift and conversation piece for your favorite fisherman.
  All lures comes in an attractive wood presentation box, with a written history and a copy of the original lure patent drawing.

     The perfect gift for your favorite fisherman !
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