THE McGINTY

  The history of the McGinty lure appears to be related to the English Devon and Scottish Phantom originating about the 1840's. The word " McGinty " itself is strictly and only used in the United States. The origin, while not proven, is that the McGinty was named after a U.S. soldier ( A.D. McGinty ) who returned from Europe after WW I with a Devon and proceed to make them himself in the Detroit and St Claire River area of Michigan.
  All have these common characteristics; fins on each side to produce spin, a swivel on the nose and a treble hook. Many sizes and colors were produced depending on the time, place and craftsman involved. The 1922 Thomas Murdoch English patent is believed to be the genesis of the American McGinty.
  All lures come in an attractive wood presentation box, with a written history with a copy of the original patent drawing.

                         Small Stand recommended
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